Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to my readers and friends. I know this time of year is depressing when you don't have any money. Everywhere we turn there are more ads and commercials and pressure to buy.  Please remember you can have a Christmas without spending a lot of money. You really can. Read my Christmas posts, make crafts and presents, print out decorations and toys and even ornaments. The true holiday spirit is not in what you buy. It is in spending time with your loved ones and doing things together. Walk around the neighborhood and look at the lights, sing Christmas carols together, have a craft night....I think you get the idea. This Thanksgiving I ask everyone that reads this to think of one thing or person they are thankful for and share that thought with someone. It is hard to feel deprived when you are focusing on being thankful. Even if you are in a homeless shelter, you can be thankful you have somewhere to sleep and for the chance that next year will be better and you can change your situation for the better.  Before all this commercialism changed the focus, our ancestors had it right with how they celebrated the holidays. They enjoyed the time spent together and took pleasure in homemade gifts.  Maybe, just maybe we can get some of that back.
I will be posting more money saving tips, grocery shopping advice, freebies, and more Christmas posts soon. Today is going to be about my family and spending time with the ones I love.

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