Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Easy Thanksgiving Meal for Singles, Couples or Elderly

I wanted to share an easy way to have a Thanksgiving meal for singles, couples, or the elderly that is not labor intensive at all and is really good. The Hormel Fully Cooked Turkey is in the refrigerated part of the grocery store near the hot dogs, and other foods that are already cooked. It is microwaveable and has 5 slices of real turkey in it. It also has a great tasting turkey gravy in it. There is enough gravy in it to put on your mashed potatoes and stuffing. It is literally heat and serve and takes only minutes. Walmart super centers have them for $4.98 so, you don't have to wait for the grocery store to put them on sale. Heat a can of corn and a can of green beans. Make mashed potatoes and stuffing. heat some rolls and you have a Thanksgiving meal that tastes great and was not hard to make at all. Get a ready made pie to top it off and you will be eating like royalty.

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